ITU and ASTC present first  ITU Level 1 Coach Education in Beirut, Lebanon

ITU and ASTC present first ITU Level 1 Coach Education in Beirut, Lebanon

By Merryn Sherwood on 18/07/12 at 4:16 pm

ITU and ASTC Development travelled to Beirut, Lebanon for the first time in the history of ITU to present an ITU Level 1 Coach Education course. From July 15 to 12 a group of 23 coaches were put through their paces in a four-day course which consisted of theory and applied aspects related to triathlon coaching and basic event management. The coaches were drawn from diverse sporting backgrounds such as swimming, cycling, track and field, and modern pentathlon.

This enthusiastic group was eager to learn about training theories and coaching skills and drills and Mr Ki Woo Kyong (ASTC Development coordinator) is confident that the infrastructure within Lebanon Triathlon Federation is well equipped to take the sport forward to the next level.

“We took a big step to develop our sport in Middle East through this course,” he said. “Lebanon has good training facilities and fewer barriers for women in sports. Lebanon can definitely play a role as a pioneer for the development of triathlon among women within the Arab world.”

The ITU course facilitator in Beirut, Mr Franz Studer, has presented several courses for national federations within the Pan Arab Triathlon Confederation.  He was clearly encouraged with what he saw in Beirut. “Lebanon has huge potential to develop our sport as long as the coaches keep working together as a team. I am delighted to have been here and to be able to assist the Lebanon Triathlon Federation to reach next level in their development.”

Marisol Casado, ITU president and IOC member, visited Lebanon on last day of the course to show support for the development of Lebanese Triathlon.

“It is always a memorable moment to hold the first coaches course for a federation as it is a perfect starting point for triathlon’s future in that country, I’m sure these newly accredited coaches will act as wonderful teachers and ambassadors for our sport,” Ms Casado said. “I am also excited that triathlon in Lebanon shows such promise for equal participation, something we have always strived for since day one in the ITU.”

Ms Casado also met with Lebanese Olympic Committee in support of the Pan Arab Triathlon Confederation’s bid for the inclusion of triathlon onto the programme for next Arab Games. She was accompanied on this visit by General Mahmoud Dib, President of Lebanon Triathlon Federation and Mr Ahmed Nasser, ITU Executive Board member and Pan Arab Triathlon Confederation President.  Mr Nasser, who played an instrumental role in making this course in Lebanon a reality, recognised a number of people and organisations for making this visit in Lebanon a reality namely: Lebanese Ministry to Sport, Lebanese Triathlon Federation, Asian Triathlon Confederation, ITU Sport Development and Mr Toni Khoury (IOC member).

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