Essential Triathlon Training Tips: Transition Part 3

By Erin Greene | 12 Feb, 2013

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Triathlon Essentials 09: Transitions Components

In our final transition tip video of the series, we take a look at all the variable components of the transition area. Unlike the swim, bike, or run, transitions require more practiced skill and less endurance to move quickly from one discipline to the next.

In the transition area, you may feel dizzy from the rapid swim to bike change or even panic when your wetsuit doesn’t peel off. Those feelings can lead to disorientation and could even cause you to gain unnecessary time penalties if you don’t leave your transition area in order.

But there’s only one way to ensure you’ll have a calm and smooth transition – practice it. Take a look at this video to learn some essential tools to help you get off your bike and onto the run faster than ever.

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